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Lose the Fat and Tone Your Muscles With One-on-One
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The Proven System for Women or Men Can Take Your From Any Starting Point Or Age To a Tighter, Toned Midsection with Results Showing in the Mirror Daily

***** Consultations are Available Both Locally in Berkley, MI, and Via Phone Consultations Worldwide*****

Hi, I’m David Rodgers, M.S. Nutrition – Does This Sound Like You?
– Your weight has been slowly creeping upward for the past months or years
– Your energy levels are not where they used to be
– You’ve tried many diets, but for many reasons, you couldn’t stay on them

What if there were a way to restructure your thoughts about eating and exercising so that losing weight and toning your midsection was almost effortless? My proven program is your answer. Instead of struggling, failing, and feeling bad about it, you’ll be able to:
– Watch your body shrink day by day, while your muscles stay firm and toned
– Eliminate weight loss plateaus and always see the results from your actions
– Not go hungry, get headaches, or feel other symptoms that other diets give
– Still be able to go out to eat with your friends and family
– Save money on your overall food bill
– Work out at home without killing yourself for a total of 30 minutes A WEEK!
– Feel proud that you tackled an effective system and stuck with it long term
– Be ready to head to the beach and show off your killer, tight body

All Popular Diets and Programs Don’t Get You the Ultimate Lasting Results You Want, Because They Miss a Few Crucial Points:
– You need a certain amount of several different nutrients each day to stay in fat-burning mode and most people are deficient in one or more
– Protein, Carb, and Fat Ratios are important, but also important is the timing
– You need to alternate between fat burning and muscle toning to truly see results
– You need key exercises to optimize your fat-burning and muscle-building hormones
– All of the above initially sounds complicated, but after a little training, it becomes second nature and easier than anything you’ve tried before


Initial One Hour Consultation: $100
Follow-up 30 Minute Consultation: $60
Follow-up 45 Minute Consultation: $80
Pricing Includes Free Email/Phone Support

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