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David Rodgers, LN, MS
Licensed Nutritionist

Free Hair Loss Webinar

Five Secrets for Natural Hair Re-Growth


Presented by David Rodgers, M.S. Nutrition
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Hair Loss Before and After

Hair loss can not only take away your confidence, it can also indicate underlying imbalances in the body.

David Rodgers, M.S. Nutrition began losing his own hair a couple years ago (the above before and after is him!) and went on a fact-finding mission to “get to the root” of the matter, so to speak. What he came up with will be presented in a free webinar on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 8:30EST.

The heart of David’s hair loss protocol focuses on the four major causes: nutrient deficiency, thyroid hormone imbalance, prostate hormone imbalance, and calcification.

Learn about:

– Why Certain Natural Fatty Acids Help Hair and Which Ones You Are Probably Deficient In
– The Mineral Proven in Scientific Studies to Strengthen and Thicken Hair
– The Ingredient You Should Look For in Shampoos That Will Optimize Your Hair Protein
– One Oil You Should Consume That You Must Get in Supplement Form (Very Few Foods Contain It)
– A Chinese Herb Shown in Studies to Help Topically With Hair Loss – Available in Inexpensive Lotions, Shampoos, and Conditioners
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