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David Rodgers, LN, MS
Licensed Nutritionist

Free Lyme Webinar

“Chronic Lyme Disease – Natural Therapy”

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Monday, July 22nd, 2013 – 8:00PM

Given by David Rodgers, LN, MS, Licensed Nutritionist

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Licensed Nutritionist David Rodgers is hosting “Chronic Lyme Disease: Natural Therapy,” a free webinar, on Monday, July 22nd at 8:00pm. Rodgers was diagnosed with Lyme Disease several years ago, and largely healed himself from the condition using only nutritional and natural health methods that he researched on his own. He is currently over 95% symptom-free and hasn’t had a flare-up in over six years.

“I was so impressed by my own turn-around, that it became my calling to turn natural Lyme Disease therapy into my profession,” said Rodgers.

Since starting his practice, Rodgers has seen extensive success in bringing clients’ health back into balance.

“A younger client credits me with helping her return to school, after extended medical leaves of absence. One man previously was taking a handful of powerful painkilling drugs daily, and was able to reduce them to one or two. I’ve had several women rave about new energy, and many clients with symptom after symptom fading away and many times disappearing completely.”

Rodgers stresses that his protocol is not a Lyme cure. “There are still Lyme Disease pathogens inside of me, but I am so naturally healthy that they are in small numbers and not able to do much at all. If I went back to all my old habits and stopped my therapies, I would slowly go back to having all my old symptoms.”

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Rodgers’ protocol includes nutrition adjustments, nutrient balancing, detoxification, gastrointestinal optimization, herbal anti-pathogens, lifestyle recommendations, and natural symptom reducers. His Nutrient Balance Center office is in the metropolitan Detroit area, but he also consults via phone and online video conferencing.

Topics included will cover:

Why antibiotics don’t solve the whole pathogen problem and what to do instead.

Can eating the right foods and avoiding other foods actually kill bacteria? Indirectly, yes… find out how.

The three most important items to remove from your diet, and why the research backs this up.

The three nutrients you are probably deficient in, whether you have Lyme or not, and even if you already supplement with them.

An all natural anti-inflammatory that is not a food or supplement – it’s also free!

Are there any supplements with anti-bacterial abilities? Yes, find out more.

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