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Given by David Rodgers, LN, MS, Licensed Nutritionist

David Rodgers, Licensed NutritionistDid you know that on average, American adults gain fat and excess weight consistently every month and year?

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Part 1: Optimizing Carb Intake
– Was the Atkin’s Diet Correct?
– When are Carbs Beneficial?

Part 2: Optimize Your Body-Toning Hormones and Storage Systems
– How Insulin Can Be Your Friend or Foe
– Introducing Glycogen, and How to Optimize Your Levels

Part 3: Choosing the Correct Fats
– Which Oils Program Your Body to Lose Weight?
– Which Oils (Including So-Called Healthy Oils) Cause Weight Gain?

Part 4: Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings… Without the Sugar
– Which Sugar Substitutes are Healthy?
– Which Sugar Substitutes to Avoid
– How to Have Cookies, Pastries, and Soda Without Guilt

Part 5: The Exercises That Optimize Fat Loss and Muscle Toning
– Quick and Easy Exercises That Keep Your Calories Burning Faster All Day Long
– One Exercise That Spurs the Release of Growth Hormone, the Body’s Natural Fountain of Youth