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Diet Soda Makes You Fatter Than Regular

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What’s Worse for Your Heart: Sirloin Steak or White Rice? University Studies Prove It’s
the Rice!

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Free Diet Soda ReportWhich Red Meat Products Cause Heart Disease and Which are Completely Neutral (like the sirloin steak)
The Type of Unsaturated Fat That Has Been Vilified By Both Conventional and Natural Health Professionals, But That You Need for Excellent Health
The Four Oils to Stay Away From At All Times and Why (Hint: They’re in the Majority of Foods at the Supermarket)

Why Scale Weight and Health Aren’t Always Tied Together

Which Nutrients You Are Missing if You Don’t Eat Whole Grains, Even if the White-Bread/Rice/Pasta is Enriched!

Why You Should Stay Away From Genetically Modified Foods Like the Plague, and Which Foods to Avoid

The Super Vitamin (Vitamin D) That Fights Against Cancers, the Flu, Multiple Sclerosis, and Much More

Which Nutrient You NEED to Take If You Take Therapeutic Amounts of Vitamin D and/or Calcium

How to Prevent Well Over 50% of All Types of Cancer

How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While Avoiding Health-Destroying Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Why Medical Research Sometimes Finds No Benefit to Supplementation, When the Opposite is True

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