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Free Weight Loss Presentation: The Truth About Carbs and Weight Loss

 Optimizing Carb Intake: Was the Atkin’s Diet Correct?

Optimize Your Body-Toning Hormones and Storage Systems so that Weight Falls Off

Satisfy Sugar Cravings Without the Sugar – The Healthiest Sugar Substitutes



Free Lyme Disease Presentation: Chronic Lyme Disease: Seven Natural Steps to Reduce Symptoms

 The three nutrients you are probably deficient in, whether you have Lyme or not, and even if you already supplement with them.

Why antibiotics don’t solve the whole pathogen problem and what to do instead.

The three most important items to remove from your diet, and why the research backs this up.



Free Hair Loss Presentation: Five Secrets for Natural Hair Re-growth for Men and Women:

 Why Certain Fatty Acids Help with Hair Growth and Which Ones You are Probably Deficient in

The Mineral Proven in Scientific Studies to Strengthen and Thicken Hair

A Chinese Herb Shown in Studies to Help Topically With Hair Loss



Free Natural Health E-Report: Diet Soda Makes You Fatter Than Regular and 10 More Shocking Health Truths:

 Which Red Meat Products Cause Heart Disease and Which are Completely Neutral (like the sirloin steak)

The Type of Unsaturated Fat That Has Been Vilified By Both Conventional and Natural Health Professionals, But That You Need for Excellent Health

The Four Oils to Stay Away From At All Times and Why (Hint: They’re in the Majority of Foods at the Supermarket)



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