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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

David Rodgers and the Nutrient Balance Center take privacy and personal information seriously. The following is our privacy policy:

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When you sign up for a program, newsletter, or information product with your email, your address is added to our database. We will use your address to send you the information you requested, along with free useful health related information, future event notifications, and updates on the practice. We will not sell, rent, or share your e-mail address with anyone at any time.

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Personal Information

We will never ask you for personal information, such as a credit card number, except if you’re placing an order.

We would never need to know your social security number (except for new hires) or other confidential information. If anyone claiming to be the Nutrient Balance Center asks you for this information, please refuse and contact us at once.

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Any correspondence with us (including email, mail, fax, phone, or otherwise) is considered confidential unless you tell us otherwise. Your name will not be added to our e-mail list without your permission.

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When you give us your physical mailing address, we may use this information to send you updates on products or services you might find interesting. If you don’t want us to send you these updates, please contact us using information on our contact page.


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If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you may contact us using the information on our contact page.