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David Rodgers, LN, MS
Licensed Nutritionist

Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease / Chronic Fatigue

Natural and Nutritional Therapy

David Rodgers, M.S. Nutrition,
Nutrient Balance Center

Our Clients Are Most Helped When:
– Their condition is caused by a known or suspected chronic infection.
– Their symptoms include fatigue, pain (joint, muscle, or nerve), headaches, toxic feeling, gastrointestinal symptoms, brain fog, and many others.
– They are already health-conscious and are willing to make some dietary and lifestyle changes that may be initially difficult (although tasty substitutions are available for most avoided foods).
– They understand the power of natural compounds (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, herbs, enzymes) and are willing to regularly supplement suggested items.

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All in all, I’m pretty stunned at my improvement. I have tried so many protocols through the years, that I could cry just thinking about my efforts (and money) with so little return. I believe my methylation supplements, along with the ones you’ve recommended, are working synergistically. Female, Lyme, 50s.

Thank you for the recommendations. Wednesday, I was able to get your recommendations, and noticed an improvement the next day. Instead of taking around 8 ibuprofen a day, I’ve only needed 2 at night. I’m already encouraged by the positive results, thank you. Male, Lyme, 40s.

For one month I have faithfully taken all the oral therapies you recommended. I am feeling better! The constipation has cleared. Chest pain is gone. Hypoglycemia much improved. Male, Lyme, 60s.

Despite a hectic schedule I seem to continue to improve. My step-father had passed. The funeral was Saturday and I returned home. I thought I might then just crash but I have been doing well despite a lot of stress. Thanks for your help. It seems to be working. Female, Lyme, 50s.

I am moving in the right direction finally. It was so scary. You were a real friend through my scariest part, thank you.Female, Lyme, 60s.

It was such a treat talking with you. I get a good vibe from you as I know you’ve been through some struggles of your own and because I get a sense for how thorough you like to be with your research and recommendations. My wife has been in the supplement industry for a long time and she even commented how impressed she was with your knowledge so keep up the good work! Thanks for all your help. Male, Lyme, 40s

The Lyme Disease / Chronic Fatigue Consultation will include:

– Office or Phone Consult
– Health History
– Dietary Change Specifics
– Assessment of All Health Goals
– Lab-work Review
– Nutrient / Supplement Correction
– Detoxification Specifics
– Lifestyle Suggestions
– Summary of Suggestions
– Email Support

60 Minute Initial Consultation – $100
45 Minute Follow-Up Consultation – $80
30 Minute Follow-Up Consultation – $60

* David Rodgers does not sell or earn any commission from recommended supplements.
* Insurance coverage is not available at this time.

To Schedule an Appointment:

1. Contact us via at 248-291-7722, or by email or contact form. (Please leave a message, as phone calls are often not immediately answered, but will be returned shortly). Email address is Email

2. We will set an appointment time and send you a 7 page questionnaire to fill out and send back via email, fax, or mail.

3. Let us know if you have further questions.

*** Disclaimer: Nutrition and natural therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease including Lyme Disease or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Instead, it may provide benefits by reducing symptoms and making the body healthier in general and therefore less hospitable to disease states. Be sure to also see a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and medical treatment.