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David Rodgers, LN, MS
Licensed Nutritionist

Natural Health Resources


Alliance for Natural Health – Excellent organization that updates the public about new laws and regulations affecting access to natural products and information. Allows members to easily contact their congressmen or women regarding important issues.

Mercola Website – This is the top ranked natural health site in the world for a very good reason – they have an outstanding newsletter that is delivered daily providing the latest in natural health and nutrition information that is backed up by solid science.

Dr. Oz Show – Dr. Oz is a conventional surgeon, however he strongly believes in science-based natural medicine. He has a very interesting television show that unfortunately is only on weekday mornings.

Natural News – The “Alternative News” source where stories that would never get published in the mainstream media, get published. Sometimes stories break here that are so interesting, that the mainstream media actually decides to pick them up.

Pubmed – The number one source for scientific studies of all things related to health, including conventional drugs and surgery, as well as nutrition, natural products, and lifestyle.

Self Nutrition Data – This is one of the most thorough databases for the nutrition contained in almost every food imaginable. Includes vitamins, minerals, and which types and quantities of carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids, and fatty acids are present in each food.

Lyme Disease Blogs

Joe the Tick – A story of a struggle against Lyme Disease, with important information regarding Lyme and coinfections, as well as several videos.

Jenna’s Lyme Disease Blog – The story of Jenna, an equestrian who developed Lyme Disease and her road back to health. This blog has lots of information about new treatments in the natural and herbal arenas.

Linda’s Lyme Disease Journal – This is Linda’s story about her experience with Lyme Disease. Linda is an artist with some outstanding pieces highlighted on her blog. Lyme has affected her ability to create art, so she is trying to get better with art creation as one of her goals.

Lauren’s Lyme Disease Blog Lauren’s Lyme Disease story, and how various treatments affected her. She also speaks about raising her young son.

Natural Health Resources

Natural Bloom This is an natural health site with lots of information on many different therapies, as well as practitioner listings.

Nutritionist – Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, and Related – This is our listing at ThumbTack.