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David Rodgers, LN, MS
Licensed Nutritionist


How do I know if I’m an ideal client to see David Rodgers?

Almost anyone can improve their health by getting a full check-up at the Nutrient Balance Center. However, here are some characteristics of clients who probably will be helped the most:

– Clients who have seen multiple conventional (and alternative) doctors/practitioners regarding a list of symptoms, and very few recommendations have been given because almost all medical tests come back normal.

– Clients who have received a diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of Chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Fibromyalgia, and who have not been helped enough by standard therapies.

– Clients who do use some conventional drugs/treatments but still believe they can greatly improve their general health, and may or may not be interested in weaning off prescriptions with the approval of their physician.

– Clients who are already interested in eating healthy, and would not be opposed to modifying their diets a little more to become as healthy as possible.

– Clients who know that natural medicine and supplements are very powerful and beneficial when the correct type and dosage are used.

– Clients who are interested in losing weight, becoming lean and toned, reducing risk of (or reversing existing) heart disease or diabetes, or reducing the risk of (or slowing progression and reducing symptoms of existing) cancer.

– Even if you don’t fit one of the above descriptions, give us a call to see if we would be a good fit for you, or if we can recommend a different practitioner.

What are some of the benefits of coming to the Nutrient Balance Center?

– David Rodgers makes time to perform research for every client outside of the designated consultation time to ensure safe, effective, and cutting-edge suggestions.

– David’s method of making sure every nutrient (macro and micro) is accounted for is completely unique and has seen tremendous success.

– David sells nothing other than consultations, group programs, and books/information products. This ensures that you know anything he recommends is completely without financial bias.

– David makes himself available by email or short phone calls for any questions that weren’t addressed during the consultation time.

– The vast majority of David’s suggestions can be traced back to one or more university studies published in conventional medical journals. Ask him and he will find his source for you to verify for yourself.

– David’s research and knowledge base is not limited to his master’s degree training. He has spent several years before, during, and after the degree training studying the complete picture of how natural methods can improve health in the body, and continues to do so for every client, his family, friends, and himself.

Does insurance pay for my visit to the Nutrient Balance Center?

At this point, the Nutrient Balance Center does not accept insurance. For this reason, we are keeping our prices low, and we have recently introduced a 20 minute follow-up consultation that costs only $45. This rate is meant to be competitive even with physician copay amounts.